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Genetic code prediction tool FACIL infers the genetic code directly from any set of nucleic acid sequences and assigns a Random Forest-based reliability score to its predictions. To run FACIL, start by entering a genome sequence or a set of sequence fragments derived from the same genome into the search box below. It is important that the sequences are derived from the same genome to prevent mixing signals from potentially conflicting genetic codes. For example, a eukaryotic cell may contain up to three different translation codes: nuclear, mitochondrial and plastid. Choose a provisional genetic code to translate your sequences for the initial protein domain search, then hit 'go'. The example DNA sequences are a set of 150 contigs from the Globobulimina pseudospinescens mitochondrial genome (Dutilh et al. Bioinformatics 2011).
Input sequences (DNA, FASTA format):
Genetic code for provisional translation:

Reference: Dutilh, B.E., Jurgelenaite, R., Szklarczyk, R., van Hijum, S.A.F.T., Harhangi, H.R., Schmid, M., de Wild, B., Francoijs, K.-J., Stunnenberg, H.G., Strous, M., Jetten, M.S.M., Op den Camp, H.J.M. and Huynen, M.A. (2011).
FACIL: fast and accurate genetic code inference and logo.
Bioinformatics 27: 1929-1933. Pubmed, PDF.
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